Location. Location. Location.

The Solution

James had used Kloudless’ tools on a previous project and decided to try Kloudless’ Unified APIs to meet Atlas’ need. And unlike some of the native APIs Atlas needed to integrate with, Kloudless’ Unified APIs had thorough, interactive documentation to help the Atlas engineering team complete their integration quickly.

In detail, Bluebeam took advantage of the Kloudless Storage API, the File Picker UI Tool, the Kloudless unified OAuth flow and Kloudless Events APIs.

Results and the Road Ahead

Thanks to seamless storage integrations embedded within their application, Atlas will offer a truly differentiated solution from that of its competitors. And since Atlas’ engineers focused their time on product innovation rather than integration maintenance, Atlas’ holistic end-user experience continued improving, further supporting their business expansion.

It’s important to Bluebeam that they make it quick and easy for end-users to access information. Their product experience is designed to be as seamless as possible and this means executing additional integrations with cloud services popular in the construction space. With the help of Kloudless, when Atlas is launched it can connect to industry-specific services without slowing their next release of cutting-edge product features.

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