Kloudless is the best way to easily build a secure, reliable integration with the Bluebeam API


Activity Monitoring and Webhooks

Kloudless tracks new, updated, or deleted objects and notifies your app even when not natively supported.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication

A consistent white-labelable OAuth 2.0 auth flow to the connector. Kloudless keeps tokens refreshed and allows import/export.

Pass-through API

Access any upstream API endpoint even if Kloudless doesn't unify it. Kloudless handles connectivity, authentication, rate limiting, and error handling.

Cross-cloud File Search

Search for files across all of a user's accounts at once.

Unified Links API

Kloudless-provisioned configurable short-links to files.

Unified error handling

Kloudless maps error codes and rate-limiting information into a consistent format.

Kloudless Connect

Connect to on-prem repositories by deploying our light-weight proxy agent into customer environments.

Add Bluebeam and More in One Go

Our RESTful Unified Construction API enables you to integrate Bluebeam and many other Construction integrations in one go.

Code once, integrate many. Any code you write to integrate Construction can be reused for many others.

Zero maintenance. We update, fix, and generally maintain the underlying Bluebeam integration, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We fill in the gaps. We offer value-add endpoints and pre-built tools that the underlying service doesn’t even have.

Plug-in File Picker for Bluebeam and More

Kloudless File Picker is an open source JavaScript library that enables your users to browse and select files and folders from any of the Construction services we support. Quickly add authentication, file/folder selection, upload & download, and drag & drop capabilities right inside of your app.

Plug-in File Meeting Scheduler for Bluebeam and More

The Kloudless Meeting Scheduler is an open source JavaScript library that enables end user scheduling functionality for any calendar service. Customize the product to create a streamlined booking experience right within your app.

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