Give your users a native file browsing
experience with two lines of code.

A JavaScript library powered by the Unified Cloud Storage API

Without needing to touch any native APIs, enable your users to browse and choose files & folders from any Cloud Storage service that is supported by our Unified Cloud Storage API.

Check out the File Explorer on GitHub
Google Drive
Amazon S3

Example use cases

Connect your app to a multitude of services in seconds. Enable your users to access files and folders from any Cloud Storage service.

Browse Cloud Storage

Users can browse and select files or folders from any cloud storage service. Prompt users to select files to download to your app.

File Upload

Resumable multi-part file uploads from your users' computers that automatically retry.

Export Data

Automatically stream application data to your users' cloud storage.

Check out the source on GitHub

Customize the experience for your users

In-App Experience

An embedded, streamlined user experience gives your users the ability to select files to download and folders to upload to.

Customizable UI

Modify the look and feel of the File Explorer to fit your branding. Use your own logo and OAuth keys.

Open Source

The File Explorer is open source and actively supported and improved by our product team as well as the community.

Deployment Options

Take advantage of our flexible hosting options to run Kloudless according to your business’ requirements.


Securely and reliably hosted by Kloudless — the quickest way to start building integrations.

  • Fully managed by Kloudless
  • Pre-configured connectors to get started quickly
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Bank-level encryption both in transit and at rest

Kloudless Enterprise is a Docker container, AWS AMI, or OVA to deploy in private infrastructure in your network or on-premises.

  • Complete data privacy and regulatory compliance
  • On-prem connectors, such as Exchange and Oracle
  • Clustering for high availability
  • Custom performance configuration
  • Custom SLAs including 24/7 support

Enough reading — let’s code.
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