In-App file browsing in two lines of code.

Kloudless is the best alternative to We offer many more cloud storage API integrations and a fully-featured Unified Cloud Storage API for you to access advanced cloud storage API functionality. Get better security and scalability by deploying our self-hosted File Picker.

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Easily add a file browser and uploader to your app

Enable your users to upload to and download files from cloud storage right in your app with just two lines of JavaScript. To build even more powerful experiences, use endpoints from the underlying Unified Cloud Storage API to get access to more advanced features than can offer.

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Cloud Storage API

Kloudless Unified Cloud Storage API allows developers to quickly integrate all Cloud Storage services by coding once and getting full data and functionality. We learned how to work with and maintain all the Cloud Storage APIs so you don’t have to.

Feature Highlights

Get out-of-the-box connectivity to any Cloud Storage API. Enable your users to access files and folders from any Cloud Storage service. See how our feature set compares to

Cloud Storage File Browser

Select files and folders to upload or download from any cloud storage service.

File Uploader

Upload large files with resumable multi-part file uploads that retry automatically.

Export Data

Automatically stream your application's data into your users' cloud storage accounts.

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Experience the difference between Kloudless and See how easy it is for your users to browse, upload, and download cloud storage files.

Choose Files

Allow your users to select files and folders from any cloud storage.

Save Files

Enable your users to save files to a folder in their cloud storage account.




Customize our File Picker to fit the look and feel of your app

Native Experience

An embedded, streamlined user experience allows your users to browse files right within your app.

Customizable UI

Modify the look and feel of the File Picker to fit your branding. Use your own logo and OAuth keys.

Open Source

The File Picker is open source and actively supported and improved by our product team and dev community.

Tools to help you meet any use case requirement

Core Functionality

Authentication (OAuth 2.0), token management, full CRUD functionality, Search

Events and Webhooks

Live activity monitoring API endpoints give you the ability to track near real-time activity and changes.

Team API

Get admin access to an entire organization’s data, users, and groups with our Team API endpoints and user impersonation capabilities.

Unified Data Models

We unify objects into a single representation for each category of services.

Raw Data

Obtain data in its original format if you need access to unique objects that do not appear in our Unified Data Models.

Pass-through API

Access the full functionality of an upstream API via Kloudless. Kloudless adds default request parameters such as authentication headers.

self-hosted API integration platform

Kloudless Enterprise

Run Kloudless on your own server

Host all of our Unified APIs and SaaS integration tools on-premises to ensure the highest levels of security compliance and performance. Kloudless Enterprise is available as a Docker container, AWS AMI, or OVA for deployment on your private infrastructure.

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