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Anypoint Platform


The Anypoint Platform is MuleSoft's integration platform. It is used for connecting SaaS & enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise. MuleSoft is a provider of integration software for connecting applications, data, and devices.

The Anypoint Platform can be deployed to any cloud and on-premises with a Mule, a runtime engine for APIs, integrations, and microservices.

APIs and integrations can be built with code or through a drag-and-drop web interface or desktop IDE. The Anypoint Platform includes a marketplace called Exchange, which offers reusable prebuilt APIs, connectors, templates, examples, and other integration assets.

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform can be used to embed SaaS integrations into a commercial software product. This requires a Commercial Embedded Partnership agreement with MuleSoft. The goal of embedding SaaS integrations in a product is to increase product adoption and stickiness in customer accounts by embedding connectivity into anything.

Kloudless Unified APIs and Cloud Elements are alternatives and competitors to MuleSoft's embedded AnyPoint Platform.