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Cronofy provides scheduling APIs to SaaS companies. Cronofy’s calendar APIs allow software to connect to calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Exchange Calendar.

Cronofy's products include:

  • The Cronofy Calendar API syncs users' calendars with a developer's application.
  • The Cronofy Availability API provides a visualization of the availability of users' calendars, which includes free/busy information or include event details.
  • Cronofy also offers UI Elements that can be embedded in an application or website. The Slot Picker UI Element shares the real-time availability of connected calendars through a simple booking interface. The Availability Viewer UI Element is an advanced slot picker tool that leverages our Availability API to present free time slots in an interactive, week-based, calendar interface. The Kloudless Meeting Scheduler is an alternative to Cronofy UI Elements.

The Kloudless Unified Calendar API is an alternative and competitor to Cronofy Calendar API.