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Nylas provides APIs that allow developers to connect their applications to email, calendar, and contacts providers. Their REST APIs are for accessing data in a mailbox, calendar, or address book. Their platform is a middleware that abstracts the difficulties of MIME, IMAP, SMTP, and Microsoft Exchange. Their goal is to be a communications platform.

Nylas currently has three main products:

  • The Nylas Email API connects applications to Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, Office 365, Yahoo! Mail. The Kloudless Unified Email API is an alternative to Nylas Email API.
  • The Nylas Calendar API connects applications to Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar, iCal, Office 365/Outlook. The Kloudless Unified Calendar API is an alternative to Nylas Calendar API.
  • The Nylas Contacts API connects applications to Google Contacts, Exchange Contacts, Office 365 contacts, iCloud.
  • The Nylas Scheduler embeds a full-featured scheduler with customizable UI directly into a developer's application. The Kloudless Meeting Scheduler is an alternative to Nylas Scheduler.