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Zapier is a workflow automation software provider. They connect apps and automate workflows across web-based applications.

Zapier integrates with many SaaS apps including Facebook, Slack, Quickbooks, Google Docs, Salesforce, and more. Zapier's automated workflows are called Zaps, which connect apps together to automate repetitive tasks.

Each Zap begins with a trigger, which is an event that starts the automated workflow. Then comes an action, which is the activity that automatically occurs.

Zapier offers Partner Embed, which allows app developers to embed Zapier integrations in their products. This is achieved by using Zap Templates, which are pre-built integrations or Zaps with the apps and core fields pre-selected, for publicly available Zapier integrations.

Embedding Zapier requires access to their Partner API, which is only available to approved partners. The developer's app must also have an API in order to embed Zapier's integrations.

Kloudless Unified APIs and Workato are alternatives and competitors to embedded Zapier.