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$ 0 / mo

Your first 100 connectd
accounts are free

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    100 connected accounts
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    10 GB bandwidth
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    SDKs, UI tools, API Explorer, documentations

$ 850+ / mo

Access our complete platform.
Pay for only what your users use

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    All Developer Plan Features
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    Unlimited platform usage
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    Unlimited API requests
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    Usage-based billing
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    Standard support plans


Host Kloudless privately on your
servers or cloud service provider

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    All Production Plan Features
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    Run where your app runs
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    Available as a Docker container
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    HA Kloudless cluster
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    Kloudless Connect
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    24/7 SLA available

Frequently Asked Questions

Connected Accounts vs. Monthly Active Accounts vs. Admin Accounts

A Connected Account is a software service account connected to a Kloudless application that is associated with at least one API request at any point in the past. For example, a Google Drive or Salesforce account.

A Monthly Active Account is a Connected Account that is associated with at least one API request in the past month.

An Admin Account is used to access all data in the connected organization. For example, an admin G Suite account can be used to access any G Suite team member’s data.

Do you have startup pricing?

We have discounted plans for startups, students, non-profits, and open source projects. Contact us to learn more.

What are the usage-based fees?

Usage fees in the Production and above plans can be based on a couple different factors depending on your business requirements. Some examples include Monthly Active Accounts and Bandwidth. We will work with you to come up with a plan that fits your needs.

What happens if I need 200,000 accounts?

Volume discounts are available for customers that have or expect larger numbers of monthly active accounts. Contact us for a price quote.

What is Kloudless Connect?

Kloudless Connect provides access to on-premises services located within your customer’s private network. It establishes a secure outbound connection to the Kloudless server and enables API requests to be tunneled from the server to the repository via a secure channel.

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