Kloudless Crawler

Sync and Scan Data from Any Cloud App

The Kloudless Crawler automatically crawls data in any cloud app whether from a single user account or an entire organization. We push all the data found to your application and also monitor cloud apps in real time for any changes. Easily gain visibility into any current or future security threats that require remediation.

Let us find the data for you

Kloudless simplifies CASB, DLP, e-discovery, and data sync use cases by pushing all existing and future data directly into your application stack via webhooks. The Kloudless Crawler is aware of connector-specific data organization and how to monitor for any changes, giving your app granular, real-time visibility into any cloud app.

  • Parallelizes crawling for efficient retrieval
  • Handles rate-limiting and daily quotas
  • Impersonates users to crawl all org-wide data
  • Aware of connector-specific data layouts and edge cases
  • Uses alternate upstream APIs for bulk syncs
  • Monitors for ongoing updates to data found

Fully-featured solutions for Data Security

We power CASB, DLP and more data protection use cases with an extensive set of features built specifically for data security solutions.

  • Event Processing
  • Activity Logs
  • Account Management
  • Data Mapping and Unification
  • Take advantage of powerful benefits when crawling
  • User/Team Listing
  • Background Scanning
  • Concurrency/Rate Limits

Launch cloud app connectors with full sync and scan capabilities 8x faster with Kloudless

Months of Development Time

Benefits of the Kloudless Crawler

Quickly Add Connectors

Include a new Kloudless connector that is aware of files, objects, groups, permissions, and more in an order of magnitude less development time.

Low Crawling Latency

Kloudless switches to more efficient recursive/bulk endpoints whenever possible, and is aware of levels of concurrency to use.

Get Any Data You Need

Kloudless send existing and future data via JSON webhooks and platform-specific queues such as AWS Eventbridge, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and Azure Service Bus.

Powered by Kloudless Unified APIs

Kloudless Unified APIs are abstraction layers that enable you to work with one API in place of many. We also take care of all the underlying cloud service API maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to.

Tools to help you meet any use case requirement

Core Functionality

Authentication (OAuth 2.0), token management, full CRUD functionality, Search

Events and Webhooks

Live activity monitoring API endpoints give you the ability to track near real-time activity and changes.

Team API

Get admin access to an entire organization’s data, users, and groups with our Team API endpoints and user impersonation capabilities.

Unified Data Models

We unify objects into a single representation for each category of services.

Raw Data

Obtain data in its original format if you need access to unique objects that do not appear in our Unified Data Models.

Pass-through API

Access the full functionality of an upstream API via Kloudless. Kloudless adds default request parameters such as authentication headers.

self-hosted API integration platform

Kloudless Enterprise

Run Kloudless on your own server

Host all of our Unified APIs and SaaS integration tools on-premises to ensure the highest levels of security compliance and performance. Kloudless Enterprise is available as a Docker container, AWS AMI, or OVA for deployment on your private infrastructure.

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