Unified CRM API

Integrate with many cloud and on-premises CRM services by building just one time.

How it works

We work closely with our CRM partners, utilizing both public and private APIs in order to offer you the best unified API.

Kloudless handles the behind-the-scenes integration work for every supported Connector, so that you can focus on building great experiences for your customers.

CRM Connectors

Connectors are the services that you can integrate with our
Unified CRM API.

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Microsoft Dynamics
Oracle Sales Cloud
Zoho CRM


Our mission is to provide you with a feature and data complete experience. We’ll often offer features the underlying API does not have.

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Core Functionality

Everything you need to get started from Authentication to Tokens.

CRM Objects

Leads, opportunities, contacts, and more.

Events and Webhooks

Real-time and historical events such as create, modify, and delete.


Search through all CRM content across
all services at one time.

Enterprise Ready

Admin controls, org-wide activity monitoring, webhooks, logins, audit logs.

Other Features

Powerful new features are being added
all the time.