Data Mapper

Map customer-specific fields with the Kloudless Data Mapper

The Kloudless Data Mapper is an easy-to-use UI tool that allows users to customize how data maps between their cloud services and your app. Use Kloudless' Unified API abstraction layer while still enabling users to map to custom fields and objects in CRM, Accounting, and ERP connectors such as Salesforce or SAP.

Unified APIs get your integrations to market fast

One data model

Our unified data models ensure that request and response data structures are identical across all the SaaS connectors in a single category.

One set of API endpoints

Our unified API endpoints allow a single API request format to work with all SaaS connectors within a single category.

One authentication flow

We provide a single access token via a Unified OAuth flow, unifying different authentication mechanisms like OAuth, JWT, or password auth.

Developer Benefits

Eliminate custom development for each customer with a few lines of code.

Every customer organizes data differently in their business applications such as CRMs. Mapping how data flows into your application means unique development work for every customer. Let your customers extend or alter your application’s default mapping instead with the Kloudless Data Mapper.

  • Supports standard and custom objects and fields, including nested fields
  • Pre-defined default mappings for all Kloudless Unified objects
  • Customize field mappings at a granular per-user level
  • Open-source and white-labelable
  • Works with any CRM, Accounting, ERP, or similar SaaS app

Data Mapping Made Simple

Your customers’ custom CRM, Accounting, and ERP objects mean that your application can’t sync data without first ensuring that fields are mapped correctly. Instead of customizing each customer’s instance in your codebase, let them handle the work for you.

The Problem

Your Customer’s Data Models Are Unique to Their Organization

Your app pulls in Opportunity objects from a customer’s CRM to add up new deal revenue this year. To do this, your app is looking for a field named “Amount” to pull the data from. The only problem is your customer’s unique Salesforce Opportunity object has named their fiscal earnings field “Total.”  Now your developers have to write customer-specific code to map these fields in order for the customer to be able to successfully use your application.

The Solution

Let Your Customer Configure their Data Mapping for You

With the Kloudless Data Mapper embedded directly within your application, your customer logs into their CRM and is presented with a visualization of their entire Opportunity object. They then indicate that their field of “Total” should be used in place of the “Amount” field with one simple click. Problem solved. Your application can now perform CRUD operations and sync data using the Kloudless Unified CRM API with no changes while enabling users to extend or alter how data maps into their account.

The Future

Data Fields Changed Again? No Problem

If your customer changes their Salesforce objects again down the line, it’s as simple as prompting them to map the new fields once more. Any data your application needs to perform its use case is one click away with the Kloudless Data Mapper.

Try it right now

Click below to demo the Kloudless Data Mapper and see how easy it is for your users to quickly map data fields from any popular CRM service.

Powered by Kloudless Unified APIs

Kloudless Unified APIs are abstraction layers that enable you to work with one general API in the place of many. We also take care of all the underlying cloud service API maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to.

Tools to help you meet any use case requirement

Core Functionality
Authentication (OAuth 2.0), token management, full CRUD functionality, Search
Events and Webhooks
Live activity monitoring API endpoints give you the ability to track near real-time activity and changes.
Team API
Get admin access to an entire organization’s data, users, and groups with our Team API endpoints and user impersonation capabilities.
Unified Data Models
We unify objects into a single representation for each category of services.
Raw Data
Obtain data in its original format if you need access to unique objects that do not appear in our Unified Data Models.
Pass-through API
Access the full functionality of an upstream API via Kloudless. Kloudless adds default request parameters such as authentication headers.
self-hosted API integration platform

Kloudless Enterprise

Run Kloudless on your own server

Host all of our Unified APIs and SaaS integration tools on-premises to ensure the highest levels of security compliance and performance. Kloudless Enterprise is available as a Docker container, AWS AMI, or OVA for deployment on your private infrastructure.

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