File Explorer and UI tools

Complete your integrations in seconds with these pre-built, open source tools.

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Choose Files

The chooser allows your users to select files and folders from cloud storage.

Demo The Chooser

Save Files

The saver allows your users to select a folder in cloud storage to save files to.

Demo The Saver

Demo Code

jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ) {
  // Configure the File Explorer
  var explorer = window.Kloudless.explorer({
    app_id: explorer_app_id,
    multiselect: true,
    computer: true,
    link: true,
    services: ['all'],
    types: ["text","documents","images"],
    display_backdrop: true,
  // Set callbacks on success/cancel.
  var $results = $('.results-data code');
  explorer.on('success', function (files) {
    $results.html(JSON.stringify(files, null, 2));
  explorer.on('cancel', function () {
    $results.html('File selection cancelled.');
  // Launch the File Explorer when the user clicks a button
  var files = [{
    url: "",
    name: "kloudless-logo.png"
  explorer.savify(document.getElementById('demosaver'), files);

The Tool Box

Quickly create feature-rich storage connections with Kloudless' pre-built integration tools.


  • Authenticate users to cloud services and connect their accounts to your Kloudless app.
  • Uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate users, and provides your application with an access token to use to perform API requests to that user’s account.

File Chooser

  • Enable your users to easily upload files to your application.
  • Select multiple files at once and upload files up to 50 GB in size.
  • Resumable multi-part uploads enable pausing and automatic retries in the event of a network failure.
  • Built in search bar and link creation with access controls.

File Saver

  • Allow your users to add file to their favorite cloud.
  • Save up to 100 files at one time.
  • Supports large files by streaming data from the source to the destination via our backend servers.
  • Supports multi-part uploads.


  • A drag and drop zone for your web page.
  • Upload files to your application’s object storage location.