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Guide to Supercharging your App with Cloud Storage

Are you looking to build storage integrations into your application? With Kloudless’ abstraction layer for all of the popular cloud storage services, so you can work with one API, not five to integrate multiple storage services into your app. Our connector supports all the major options including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and more. Use this guide to:

  • Decide if you should build integrations internally or outsource
  • Assess what type of cloud storage is right for your application
  • Review helpful tips on cloud storage integration best practices
  • Streamline developer workflow to deliver product functionality vs. integration support
  • Get insights into other companies find success with built-in integration
  • Start quickly with a customizable file explorer

Supported storage services:

Amazon S3
Google Drive

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  • $150,000 a year saved
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Boost sales with seamless integrations
  • Connected additional services 12X faster
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