Kloudless for CASB

Enforce secure access and use of cloud services.

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Track and Remediate

Gain visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection beyond your own infrastructure faster than ever with the Kloudless Platform that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Code once to integrate across all key third-party services to extend the reach of your organization's security policies and reduce go-to-market by over 80%.

Extend your Policy Reach…

Real-time Visibility

Gain confidence in your organization's cloud service usage with event notifications across third-party services in real-time.

Scan Existing Content

Quickly build integrations with a Unified API to span over 30 file storage solutions to traverse and load all users or groups files to scan for threats and compliance.

Event Driven Remediation

Remove or replace any threats with the Kloudless Platform Events API to monitor for activity across cloud services and remediate and potential issues quickly.

Compliant and
Customizable Features

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Enterprise Ready

Admin controls, org-wide activity monitoring, webhooks & events, audit logs

Deploy Your Way

Cloud, private hosted, self-hosted and on-premises

Private and Secure

Sensitive data is always encrypted in transit and at rest

Highly Scalable

Scale to billions of API requests with ease


Tune Kloudless to meet your specific performance requirements

Dedicated Support

Enhanced support tiers and custom SLAs

Integrations That Reach
Markets Around the World

Our library of integrations virtually touches any market and industry you can think of.

Over 15,000 software developers from software vendors and enterprise businesses use Kloudless APIs to add integrations to their software solutions for industries such as Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Legal, Construction, and more.

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