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To keep your users happy, you need to provide them with the integrations their workflows depend on. That’s where Kloudless comes in.

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“Kloudless gives us the ability to integrate with a lot of platforms with next to no maintenance. Bringing these integrations to market faster is something that allowed our product to focus on its own unique functionality and not the headache of integrations.”

Dan Zito

Engineering Lead and Co-Founder - StructionSite

Connect to Services Your Users Need

Integrate quickly with every cloud service your construction application needs to succeed. We take care of all the connector maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to.

Transfer Files to and From Any Storage Service

From initial drawings to photos, document creation and transfer are the backbones of the construction industry. Instead of spending valuable time and resources integrating with all of the storage platforms your application’s users need to improve their workflow across the different construction software they use, provide them with every cloud service they need in the time it would take to connect to a single one.

Changes Happen. Keep Your Users and Their Files Up to Date

Your users need to know everything that’s happening across an entire construction project to ensure that things go smoothly. Building integrations is one thing. Making sure that your application has expansive activity monitoring is another. Provide your users with near real-time changes so they can sync their files and process them in a timely manner.

The Unified Cloud Storage API is the right solution

The Kloudless Unified Cloud Storage API is an abstraction layer that enables you to work with one general API in the place of many. We also take care of all the underlying cloud storage service API maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to.

Speed to Market

Each cloud service doesn’t have a standardized approach to data formatting. Unified APIs abstract those differences away to ensure that request and response data structures are identical across every construction connector.

Zero Maintenance Cost

Unified APIs remove the pain of future maintenance when API versions and response data changes, meaning that your construction connectors stay sound and your users stay happy and productive.

Customized User Interface

Building UI tools is just another tiresome task for your developers. Kloudless offers a customizable open-source UI tool to get your users interacting with their cloud services of choice within your application quickly.

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