Get Any SaaS Integrations Your EdTech Solution Needs

Distance learning applications are fast becoming a necessity, and integrations are pivotal to their success. This is where Kloudless comes in.

As schools around the world are forced to act in response to COVID-19, the need for remote learning tools has never been more urgent. Providing students with a digital education environment for them to flourish is as important as ever. Kloudless helps eLearning applications deliver any integrations they need to provide a seamless experience to students and educators.

Effects from the coronavirus pandemic on EdTech


Countries affected

1.2 Billion

Children learning remotely

$350 Billion

Estimated market value by 2025

Connect to any cloud apps your online learning application needs

Surround your eLearning application with an ecosystem of cloud app integrations to create a seamless learning environment for your students and teachers. We take care of all the connector maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to.

Upload and download schoolwork to and from any cloud storage

Students don’t keep their files stored in one central place. Give them the ability to upload from and download to any major cloud storage provider. The Unified Cloud Storage API and extensive activity monitoring solve your software’s cloud storage needs.

Schedule classes, office hours, and study groups on any calendar

Remote learning requires a lot of meetings. The only problem is that students and educators use a host of different cloud calendar services to manage their schedules. Your remote learning software should be able to create, book, and sync meetings in Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and every other major cloud calendar service in one easy click.

Sync chat messages, emails, and contacts from both classes and admin

Remote learning has come to heavily rely on messaging and email for correspondence and the distribution of material. Give your application the ability to send and access messages and emails, access org-wide admin accounts, sync contacts, and react to new messages in real-time from any service.

Speed to Market

Each cloud service doesn’t have a standardized approach to data formatting. Unified APIs abstract those differences away to ensure that request and response data structures are identical across every API connector.

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Zero Maintenance Cost

Kloudless Unified APIs remove the pain of future maintenance when API versions and response data changes, meaning that your API connections stay sound and your users stay happy and productive.

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Get Any Connector

Go beyond the 75+ built-in integrations that Kloudless offers with our custom connector feature. Build unified connections with any integration you need for your security solution to add longtail support for your users.

“ With Kloudless, Blackboard is able to save up to $150,000 and 5,000 hours of developer time a year, while simultaneously ensuring reliable access to the multiple software services we need. “

Brent Mundy

Director of Product Management

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