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Crunchbase uses Kloudless Unified CRM API for Salesforce integration for their company research business intelligence platform

How Kloudless Unified APIs Empower Sales Enablement Software

Traditional Solution

In a traditional workflow, developers for sales enablement software are forced to connect with each cloud API service separately. This entails learning each different service’s documentation.

Kloudless Unified API

A Unified API sits in between your sales enablement software and the 3rd-party services it needs to communicate with. It not only takes away the heavy lifting of developers, but eliminates all future maintenance and upkeep of these connections.

A Seamless Solution for Record Management

Sales enablement software needs to use their existing CRM accounts as a source of truth. Use the Kloudless CRM API to surface your users’ CRM records dynamically within your app, and to push new, updated, or deleted records in real-time to a user’s CRM. Kloudless supports mapping to all custom objects and fields. Provide your users with a seamless experience, no matter which CRM provider they use.

Simplify Sales Asset Management

Your users’ sales-specific content isn’t stored in one central place. Their organization may keep their pitch decks in Google Drive, and their one-pagers in Dropbox. This leads to lost time searching for assets that may be outdated once they’re found. The Unified Cloud Storage API and extensive activity monitoring solve your software’s asset management needs.

Schedule Sales Meetings Easier

Sales teams set meetings. Like, a lot. The only problem is that their prospective customers use a host of different cloud calendar services to manage their schedules. Your sales enablement software should be able to create, book, and sync meetings in Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and every other major cloud calendar service in one easy click.

Email Delivery and Inbox Monitoring

Sales teams spend a majority of their time composing, responding, and tracking down emails. Give your users the ability to increase responsiveness, engage more customers, and accelerate sales with full access and syncing to every major cloud email service available.

Speed to Market

Each cloud service doesn’t have a standardized approach to data formatting. Unified APIs abstract those differences away to ensure that request and response data structures are identical across every API connector.

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Zero Maintenance Cost

Kloudless Unified APIs remove the pain of future maintenance when API versions and response data changes, meaning that your API connections stay sound and your users stay happy and productive.

Get Any Connector

Go beyond the 75+ built-in integrations that Kloudless offers with our custom connector feature. Build unified connections with any integration you need for your security solution to add longtail support for your users.

“The level of support throughout this whole period has been phenomenal. The amount of back and forth to get answers/workarounds has been fantastic, which has enabled us to keep pushing forward and get this over the line and to customers. We couldn’t have done it without you guys being available, helping us through every step of the way.”

Tim Sewell

Tim Sewell, CTO

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