Empower your data security solution with unrivaled connectivity

Data security solutions need real-time insight into user activity to understand how data is being used and take action to ensure compliance, for any SaaS app. That’s where Kloudless comes in.

Trusted by Leaders in Data Security

"A new integration with Kloudless takes us a week whereas a native integration can take a month or two depending on the service. It enabled us to serve customers that we could not otherwise have now. If time to market is important, and you need to connect to multiple services, Kloudless is a great solution."

Benny Reich, VP of Product at Perception Point

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Connect to Any SaaS Your Customers Need

Integrate quickly with every cloud service your data security solution needs to succeed. We take care of all the connector maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to.

Fully-featured Platform for Data Security

We power CASB, DLP, e-Discovery, UEBA, and more data protection use cases with an extensive set of features built specifically for data security solutions.

  • Event Processing
  • User Impersonation
  • Activity Logs
  • User/Team Listing
  • Account Management
  • Background Scanning
  • Data Mapping and Unification
  • Concurrency/Rate Limits

Everything Your Data Security Solution Needs to Succeed

From account connection to sync and scan, from detection to remediation, Kloudless can power your report dashboard with every tool a modern data protection suite needs right out of the box.

Detection Made Easy

To provide large-scale threat protection, data security solutions need to connect to SaaS apps to gain visibility into user behavior and data. Kloudless has you covered with tools like our Unified OAuth flow for individual accounts as well as admin accounts for org-wide access. Our Activity Monitoring API provides you with the tools necessary for thorough user and entity behavior analytics so that your security solution can identify and track threats in real-time.

Remediation Made Simple

Finding threats is one thing, eliminating them is another. Once detected, your security solution needs to take action to protect users from the threats you identify. Kloudless provides full CRUD routes for every connector to read, delete, move, create, and update the objects monitored in user and entity behavior analytics so you can keep your users’ data safe.

Speed to Market

Our Unified APIs abstract away the differences between hundreds of APIs to ensure that request and response data structures are identical across every connector.

Zero Maintenance Cost

We handle the upkeep of the underlying cloud service APIs, removing the pain and cost of future maintenance when the APIs inevitably change.

Get Any Connector

Go beyond the 75+ integrations that Kloudless offers out-of-the-box. With our Custom Connector technology, we can deliver any integrations you need to support your customers.

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