API integrations simplified and unified.

Kloudless makes it easy to add cloud service integrations to your software product without building and maintaining each one individually

Unified APIs designed specifically to solve your integration needs

Kloudless Unified APIs delivers all the features you need from CRUD to real-time webhooks. Here are some example use cases.

Unified Cloud Storage API
File Transfer

Easily upload or download files from any cloud storage service.


Search for files and documents across all cloud storage services.


Monitor changes on any file or folder with webhook notifications.

Cloud Storage Integrations

Unified Calendar API
Event Scheduling

Schedule events on any cloud calendar service.

Find Availability

Find any user’s availability in real-time.

Calendar Sync

Easily sync events from one cloud calendar service to another.

Calendar Integrations

Unified CRM API
Records Management

Sync data to any supported CRM service.

Query Sales Data

Search sales data on CRM services with Kloudless Query Language.

Activity Monitoring

Monitor changes in CRM data through real-time events.

CRM Integrations

Build integrations faster. Win more customers.

One data model

Kloudless formats all objects with a Unified data model ensuring that request and response data structures are identical across connectors within each category.

One set of API endpoints

Kloudless abstracts away the differences between accessing each connector in a category by providing Unified API endpoints so a single API request format will work with all connectors within that category.

One authentication flow

Kloudless provides a single access token via a Unified OAuth flow to make authorized API requests on behalf of a user, unifying different auth mechanisms like OAuth, JWT, or password Authentication.

Tools & features built to further speed up your development

White Labeling

Kloudless offers easy white-labeling of our authentication process and integrations so your users stay within your application’s branded environment.

UI Tools and SDKs

Kloudless provides multiple embeddable open-source UI tools to get your users interacting with their cloud services of choice within your application quickly.

Webhooks and Activity Monitoring

Kloudless offers a full-fledged Activity Monitoring API with reliable Webhooks and event bus support across all connectors.

Unified Error-handling and Rate-limiting

A standard set of error response status codes and will propagate any rate-limiting errors from the upstream service to your application.

Want to host on your own server?

Ensure the highest level of security compliance by deploying our full suite of SaaS integration products on-premises. Kloudless Enterprise is available as a Docker container, Amazon Web Services AMI, or OVA for deployment within your company’s private infrastructure.

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