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Kloudless makes it easy to add cloud service integrations to your software product without building and maintaining each one individually.

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The worst challenge was keeping bespoke integrations up-to-date. Having access to Kloudless APIs to integrate with a single set of APIs greatly simplifies our work.

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Brent Mundy

Sr. Director of Product Management at Blackboard

Connect to entire SaaS categories in one go

Our Unified APIs abstract away the differences between many APIs for software categories like Cloud Storage, Calendar, CRM, and Construction.

Cloud Storage API

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Egnyte, Autodesk, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure

Calendar API

Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook Office 365 Calendar, CalDav, Apple iCloud


Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, SugarCRM, Zoho, Oracle Sales Cloud, Pipeliner CRM

How the Kloudless Unified APIs Work

API Version

The Kloudless API version

Top-level Resource

Endpoint to access all end-user cloud accounts

Account ID

The ID of the account that you're accessing

API Category

The category of Unified API endpoints that you're performing an API request to


Use our Unified APIs to integrate all of these services without learning how to use each individual API.

Everything you need to build and deliver powerful integrations

Unified Core Functionality

Authentication (OAuth 2.0), token management, full CRUD functionality, Search

Events and Webhooks

Live monitoring event endpoints gives you the ability to track real-time activity and changes.

Team API

Get admin access to an entire organization’s data, users, and groups with our Team API endpoints.

Unified Data Models

We unify objects into a single representation for each category of services.

Raw Data

Obtain data in its original format if you need access to unique objects that do not appear in our Unified Data Models.

Pass-through API

Access the full functionality of supported services with default values correctly added to your requests.

Go to market faster with our pre-built UI tools

Drop our open-source File Picker and Meeting Scheduler user interfaces right into your product. Customize and white label the experience to fit your app’s needs. In just two lines of code, enable your users to connect their favorite cloud services, browse files and folders, schedule meetings, and more.

With over 100 million learners on their platform, Blackboard integrated Kloudless to power document collaboration workflows from any cloud storage service. Blackboard is saving over 5,000 developer hours and as much as $150,000 a year by using Kloudless to scale the way they build and maintain integrations.

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Supporting 1,100+ customers in 150+ countries, O.C. Tanner uses Kloudless’ Unified Calendar API to streamline intercompany meeting scheduling and empower positive ways to build personal connections within a company. With Kloudless, O.C. Tanner has saved over 6 months of development time and over $75,000 a year.

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Bigtincan’s AI-powered sales enablement automation platform uses Kloudless’ Unified CRM API to provide out-of-the-box data sync capability to any of their customers’ CRM services. By expanding their integrations portfolio, Kloudless gave Bigtincan a competitive differentiator, which enabled them to close key deals and increase revenue by 53%.

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Deployment Options

Take advantage of our flexible hosting options to run Kloudless according to your business’ requirements.


Securely and reliably hosted by Kloudless — the quickest way to start building integrations.

  • Fully managed by Kloudless
  • Pre-configured connectors to get started quickly
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Bank-level encryption both in transit and at rest

Kloudless Enterprise is a Docker container, AWS AMI, or OVA to deploy in private infrastructure.

  • Complete data privacy and regulatory compliance
  • On-prem connectors, such as Exchange and Oracle
  • Clustering for high availability
  • Custom SLAs including 24/7 support

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